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Posted by G3K on 07 October 2014

The first chapter is launched in Kinsale

Setting out from Kinsale, Cork, Ireland in the early hours of the 10th May 2015, pondering the challenge and experience the next eight days will bring, the chosen G3K 100 (super cool cars) will make their way en-route to Casablanca, Morocco in North Africa. The `100` will tour through Ireland, Wales, England, France, Italy, Spain and Morocco, taking in sea crossings, beautiful mountain passes, a Mediterranean cruise, world class hotels, indulge in the atmosphere of The Cannes Film Festival, cross the Straits of Gibraltar while taking in the exceptional views of the North African Coastline and Atlas Mountains. They will experience the wonderful mysteries and exotics of the North African Jewel, Morocco. All this will culminate in the most unforgettable finale party at the world famous Rick's Cafe American in Casablanca

The Grand 3000 is the brain child of event director, Patrick Crowley, whose love for fast cars, road touring and adventure led him to develop the concept that is `The Grand 3000`. The event has been developed with the movie Casablanca as its back drop, and it is hoped that the G3K will be a beautiful mix of the style, sophistication and romance that Bogart and Bergman brought to our screens, and the roar of the modern day super car. The final gala night is planned for Rick's Cafe American in Casablanca the location where the famous Casablanca story unfolded.

The G3K will roll out of Kinsale on the 10th May 2015 and travel to London, Paris, Grenoble, Antibes, Genoa, Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella and finally landing in Casablanca in Morocco. The ethos underpinning the G3K is one of style and elegance. The G3K 100 will be treated to the best hotels that each of our stopovers has to offer, top class service and some experiences en-route that will be hard to forget. It will truly be the trip of a lifetime. The 100 will be immersed in to a different experience at each of the stopovers that will excite their senses and will combine to create an unforgettable trip.

One of the aims of the event is to try and put a modern day twist on an age old tradition called `The Grand Tour of Europe`. In Renaissance days, young men of high social standing were expected to embark on a personal journey to develop themselves sufficiently to take over their family estate, wealth and fortune. They were encouraged to travel the length and breadth of Europe, experiencing all that foreign lands had to offer, immersing themselves in art, literature, culture, language, music, socialising, battle, romance and anything else they came across on the way. We hope to capture the essence of this spirit and provide the "The G3K 100" with the chance to experience excitement, culture and adventure in a 5 star setting, whilst touring from Northern Europe to the magnificent Moroccan coastline  

The G3K has already forged a number of partnerships in Ireland and the UK and is actively perusing other partnership possibilities across the EU and US. The G3K wants to proudly display the best that the participating countries (and cities) has to offer, it is a perfect vehicle for brands and business owners to present services and products to a focused group of potential clients, and to markets that may have been a little out of reach for them previously. The G3K has had talks with the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland in the context of becoming the official charity of the G3K. 

The G3K was officially launched at the White House, Kinsale on the 27th August 2014. Officiated by Michael T. Frawley, the invited guests heard a word from Cllr Alan Coleman (Cork County Mayor), Pat Crowley (G3K Event Director) and Jon Hinchliffe (Alzheimer Society of Ireland). The guests were then the first to the see a specially commissioned promo video and treated to a beautiful spread of Moroccan style bites, served by the team at the White House, Kinsale. Guests were also treated to a stunning whiskey tasting session provided by one of the G3K sponsors, West Cork Distillers Follow up launch events are now planned for Dublin and London venues. 

The G3K is now open for applications and interest is high, so be sure to log on to the website and get in contact if you are interested in joining the G3K 100. For further information and updates, visit www.grand3000.com or follow us on facebook and twitter.

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