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Posted by G3K on 11 December 2014

Irish Ferries have been chosen to take The 100 on their first voyage across the Irish Sea. We're delighted to have partnered with Irish Ferries for this first crossing.

Irish Ferries is the Ferries Division of Irish Continental Group, the leading ferry operator to and from the Republic of Ireland, and the Group' ship chartering activities. Irish Ferries operates five ferries on international routes between Ireland Britain and France catering for passengers, vehicles and freight units. See www.icg.ie for current information on market and financial performance.

Over the last number of years, we have invested over 450EUR million in new fleet and port facilities. We now have the most modern fleet in Europe including the recent addition of Epsilon which was just built in 2011 sitting alongside Ulysses, the Largest Car Ferry on the Irish Sea, the Dublin Swift on the Dublin - Holyhead route and the Isle of Inishmore on the Pembroke - Rosslare route. We are also very proud of our luxury cruise ferry Oscar Wilde which sails on the Rosslare to France route.

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